Haiti Sister Church

Pastor Sheslaire Georges’ Testimony & Call to the Ministry in Nan Akou

Nan Akou, Haiti

Decorah Covenant Church is partnering as a sister church with the Nan Akou (Nah-Ah-KOO) Cumberland Presbyterian church in remote Southwestern Haiti. Pastor Sheslaire Georges, through the principles of the 3 Rs of Christian Community Development (Reconciliation, Relocation, Redistribution) is inspiring his community to work together for a better, sustainable, dignified way of life. He and his wife and daughters have permanently relocated to a very remote and vulnerable area of Haiti and are providing leadership and working to establish a school, church, clean drinking water, passable roads, solar electricity, small businesses, and other means of helping people out of extreme poverty. Watch the video below (recorded in 2018) to hear Sheslaire's testimony and call to minister to and serve the poor.

Esther & Pastor Sheslaire Georges with daughters Hadassa & Tsowein

Esther & Pastor Sheslaire Georges with daughters Hadassa & Tsowein

Programs Seeking Partnerships

While there are many visions for the future of Nan Akou Ministries, there are four main areas that Pastor Sheslaire & Nan Akou Ministries is actively seeking partnerships with. Click on the headings below to learn more about each ministry area.

Established Ministries