Nan Akou Pig Redistribution Project

There are three principals of Christian Community Development - Reconciliation, Redistribution & Relocation. In this project Pastor Sheslaire Georges created a reproduction center to reproduce pigs and give one female pig to each household in his community and the six closest surrounding communities. Because pigs reproduce relatively frequently and can have large litters, it can be a good investment for people. The project began in the fall of 2020 with redistribution beginning in winter of 2021. Unfortunately, not long after the first cycle of redistribution (early 2022) a pig sickness spread through the whole southern peninsula of Haiti, wiping out most of the pig population. There is currently only one healthy female left with a litter of six piglets. With the pig illness still around, the future of the pig redistribution project is uncertain. Pastor Sheslaire is currently praying for and exploring other potential redistribution options. In this video Pastor Sheslaire explains the concept of the redistribution project.

Pig Redistribution Project Explained