On Sunday mornings, you’ll find an enthusiastic welcome, great childcare, and energetic and thoughtful worship.

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Our Church has many events happening throughout the year that create a space for worship & community.

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An archive of Decorah Covenant Church's sermons to help you stay connected to your faith.

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Adult Sunday School classes focus on study of the scriptures and application of biblical principles.

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Teaching students to live the Christian life intentionally & to develop an active faith that shares Jesus with others.

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Encouraging college-age individuals in their faith in Christ and getting them connected with other Christian students

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About Our Church

Decorah Covenant Church is a gathering of people of all ages and backgrounds who are passionate about following Christ and following Christ together. We believe that God's Word is alive when we live it out in a community of faith.

Motivated by the love of God, the mission of Decorah Covenant Church (DCC) is to share the gospel through a dynamic and flourishing community of faith that is Christ-centered and biblically based in meaningful worship, encourages authentic discipleship, and is empowered by the Spirit for ministries of compassion, mercy, and justice.

Our  beliefs are consistent with many other protestant evangelical bodies.  Like other Evangelical Covenant Churches, we agree that the following Affirmations  should guide our life and mission together:

  • We affirm the centrality of the word of God.
  • We affirm the necessity of the new birth.
  • We affirm a commitment to the whole mission of the church.
  • We affirm the church as a fellowship of believers.
  • We affirm a conscious dependence on the Holy Spirit.
  • We affirm the reality of freedom in Christ.

Additional information on these Affirmations can be found at: www.covchurch.org/resources/covenant-affirmations

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Decorah Covenant Church

9 hours 33 minutes ago

It's not too late to join the conversation! The next book the Racial Righteousness discussion group will be reading and discussing is "The Color of Compromise: The Truth about the American Church's Complicity in Racism" by Jemar Tisby. Contact the church office (382-1342) to have a book ordered for you. The discussion time for this book will be in mid- November.

“The failure of many Christians in the South and across the nation to decisively oppose the racism in their families, communities, and even in their own churches provided fertile soil for the seeds of hatred to grow. The refusal to act in the midst of injustice is itself an act of injustice. Indifference to oppression perpetuates oppression.” - Jemar Tisby

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Decorah Covenant Church

3 days 9 hours ago

The Middle School Youth recently had an afternoon of puzzling fun. Sometimes our life and relationship with God can be a puzzle...starting out with one piece and trying to understand it. Then trying to put the pieces together upside down or without the box for guidance. Then finally completing the puzzle and understanding the big picture! Each puzzle is unique, but comes from the same Maker!

Decorah Covenant Church

6 days 8 hours ago

The next DeCCAF (Decorah Covenant College Age Fellowship) will be held on Saturday, October 12 at 6pm at the Larsen home. Know someone who is college aged and looking to get connected? Invite someone new! Email dccdeccaf@gmail.com for more information!

Decorah Covenant Church

Decorah Covenant Church

6 days 9 hours ago

Decorah Covenant Church's cover photo

Decorah Covenant Church

6 days 9 hours ago

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October 13, 2019
Pastor Don continued the series on 1 Samuel with the message "Ichabod".

Samuel’s New Buddy

October 6, 2019
Pastor Don continued the series on 1 Samuel with the message "Samuel's New Buddy" from 1 Samuel 3.

No Regard

September 29, 2019
Pastor Julie continued the series on 1 Samuel with the message "No Regard"