Our Missionaries

Pete & Cindy Ekstrand

DR Congo

Pete and Cindy are missionaries with the Evangelical Covenant Church and have worked with the Communaute Evangelique de l’Ubangi-Mongala (CEUM or Congo Covenant Church) in the NW part of DR Congo for the last nearly 40 years.  They served as advisors to the CEUM leaders as follows:  Pete with the CEUM President, finance department, mission accountant, IT and communications; Cindy with the department of women ministries, education, small agricultural experiments and hostess. Together they are the champions for the Community Health Evangelism (CHE) holistic development model as well as advise the development department. Pete and Cindy are in their last year of service, spending this last year stateside in Chicago, IL. For more information on the Ekstrand's ministries click here.

Lance Huber

North Carolina

As the area director of the South Wake FCA Lance brings God’s word to coaches and athletes. His responsibility is to develop the best ministry to equip leaders, coaches and athletes to spread God’s Kingdom. His vision for South Wake FCA is to build a strong ministry that will strengthen in numbers…grow the Kingdom, all with the FCA platform. He has been blessed with the responsibility to deliver the message and strategy God has provided to thoroughly equip the "frontline", generating opportunities for leadership within South Wake. He recognizes the enormous influence that coaches have on athletes. Click here  to learn more about Lance's ministries.

Fabio & Johnna Munez


Fabio & Johnna and their family, in partnership with ECC Serve Globally, are serving in a program called Cultural Fusion in Lyon, France. Cultural Fusion is what takes place when people of all different backgrounds, beliefs, cultures and languages get together to practice languages, play and sing music, and support refugees and immigrants. People from different countries can discuss sociology, psychology, history, science, technology, current events, faith, spirituality and the most fascinating and controversial person in history, Jesus Christ. For information on the Munez's ministries click here.