Our Missionaries

Karl & Susan Peterson


Karl & Susan are missionaries with the Evangelical Covenant Church and are serving in Mexico. Karl serves in the areas of theological education, leadership training, and congregational vitality at both the regional and national level. Sue focuses on spiritual direction, discipleship, and leadership development with individuals, small groups, congregations, and ministry teams. Sue will continue to give leadership and spiritual direction to the regional and national leadership teams that are developing MAEM, the ministry that ministers to the abused and exploited in Mexico. For more information or to donate to these ministries click here.

Fabio & Johnna Muniz


Fabio & Johnna and their family, in partnership with ECC Serve Globally, are serving in a project called Cultural Fusion in Lyon, France. Cultural Fusion is what takes place when people of all different backgrounds, beliefs, cultures and languages get together to practice languages, play and sing music, and support refugees and immigrants. People from different countries can discuss sociology, psychology, history, science, technology, current events, faith, spirituality and the most fascinating and controversial person in history, Jesus Christ. For information on the Muniz's ministries click here.