Nan Akou Guesthouse Construction Project

Because all of the ministries in Nan Akou are currently relying on outside financial support, having a place to receive visitors coming to learn about these ministries is a critical piece of the ministry. This guesthouse construction began in 2018 and has slowly been progressing as funds trickle in from supporters to complete the construction. There was a lot of thought and prayer put into the design of this building. In addition to the detailed designing and planning, a lot of hard physical labor has gone into the construction. The foundation was dug by hand and the rocks laid one by one. Every cement block was made by hand and stacked one by one. The forms for the cement roof were put in place and the rebar laid with the hands of 15 men over the course of a week. And the concrete roof was poured by hand...bucket by bucket carried to the roof. December 2021 marked the time that the Georges family moved into the Guesthouse. They continue to raise funds to finish off the guest portion of the house.

2022 Update – Guesthouse Construction

Phases of Construction