Evangelical School of Nan Akou

The Evangelical School of Nan Akou was established in 2015, starting with one class of 3 year old preschool. With no school building, they met inside the church of Nan Akou. There are no other quality schools in the nearby area so this school is a blessing and a hope for many. These rural schools are not funded by the government. They operate on private funds alone. In 2017 the construction of the preschool began. Each year as children are promoted, a new grade level is added. By the time this preschool building was complete in 2017, there were three preschool classes (ages 3, 4, & 5) filling it to capacity.

In order to attract quality teachers to this rural community, a teacher dormitory was added for the teachers. This addition to the school not only houses the teachers, but also a community radio station, a reservoir for water, bathrooms for the school, and the future office of the school. This addition is also housing two grades of the primary school until the school building can be completed. A third grade is currently meeting in the church.

The six grades of primary will be housed on the second level of this addition. Sometime in 2022 the roof will be added to this second level.

2021 Update

Listen here as Sheslaire Georges, pastor and community leader, shares an update of the school in 2021.

2022 Update School Introduction

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