Nan Akou ASP-L Soccer Program

The ASP-L soccer team (Association Sports of Puits-Laurent) trains in Nan Akou and plays in championship series in the local area. Soccer is an important part of Haitian life. In addition to teaching values of teamwork, fair play, and unity, it can play a fundamental role in economic and social development. It gives hope and purpose to a people in a nation where there is difficulty to find an upward hand. Despite a lack of resources, these guys come together to train several times a week. Pastor Sheslaire coordinates this team and provides encouragement. He also includes them in social activities in his community where they work together to help the hauling large rocks to repair a muddy spot in the road. They need resources to continue to build their team - uniforms, shoes, goals, whistles, etc. Listen to Sheslaire introduce the team here! Since the filming of this video, we have been able to provide uniforms & cleats, as seen in the photos below. It is our hope to continue to build this program with other equipment!

ASP L Soccer Program Explained