Nan Akou Clean Water Project

When Pastor Sheslaire arrived in Nan Akou to start his ministries in 2013, there was no clean water available in the community. People would have to walk miles and carry water for their daily use. In 2017 a reservoir was constructed at the top of the hill on the Nan Akou Ministry Property. Once that was completed, a well was drilled by hand. They do this by lowering a man into the hole he is digging and buckets of dirt get sent back up on a rope as he drills. The well in Nan Akou was originally dug 60 feet deep, but has since been dug deeper twice to reach adequate water supply. It is now at 100 feet deep and functioning well. In 2018 a solar powered pump was brought to Nan Akou, made possible by members of Decorah Covenant Church and it was installed. It runs on solar panels and batteries. Once the pump was installed, men from the community hand dug a trench 300 feet up the hill to the reservoir. There are also four pipelines branching out from the reservoir to distribution points throughout the community, with gravity aiding the transport. People in the community still walk to carry their daily water needs back to their homes, but now because of this ministry, they can do it much more easily at a much shorter distance. People from neighboring communities come to access the clean water as well. As of 2022 the well is producing so well that both the reservoir for the community and for the school are full. There are plans being developed to create a public bathroom and shower house for the community to use.

Clean Water Project