RaCoNA Radio Ministry

Radio Communication of Nan Akou (RaCoNA)

Before Pastor Sheslaire was called into ministry, he worked as a radio broadcaster. It has always been his dream to have a radio ministry in Nan Akou. In early 2020 a 15W radio transmitter was purchased for Nan Akou Ministries and he started his broadcasts of music, informational messages, and even church services early in the COVID pandemic. People throughout the community were blessed by the ministry and people just outside the radio broadcast range were asking to receive the broadcast. In late 2020 he was able to upgrade to a 30W transmitter that reaches further into the Fond-des-Blancs area. The radio station also provides opportunities for people in the community to participate in the ministry and even make some income with finding and broadcasting certain broadcasts. It is a blessing for Nan Akou. The radio station is currently being housed in the teacher's dormitory, but will eventually move further up the hill near the Guesthouse for a better signal and broadcast range to the community.

Radio Communication of Nan Akou participant