May 24, 2020
Pastor Julie continued the series in Nehemiah with the message "Completion" from Nehemiah 6.

The True Vine

March 28, 2020
Pastor Julie continues the Lenten "I am" series with a message from John 15 - "The True Vine".  

I am the Good Shepherd

March 15, 2020
Pastor Julie shared a Lenten message from John and Psalms about Jesus being our Shepherd and what it means for Him to shepherd us and us to follow our Shepherd,…

For He Himself Is Our Peace

November 17, 2019
Bethany Volz, Haywood Stowe, & Julie Chamberlain shared their testimonies from the Sankofa trip experience. Sankofa is an invitation to understand race as a critical component of our Christian discipleship.…

No Regard

September 29, 2019
Pastor Julie continued the series on 1 Samuel with the message "No Regard"