Facility Use

Facilities Use Policy

(approved by DCC Council 4 Jan 2010)

It is the intent of Decorah Covenant Church that its facilities shall first and foremost be dedicated to God for the ministries of Decorah Covenant Church, and have wide usage by its members and regular attendees primarily for worship, discipleship, fellowship, Christian education, and evangelism. Also, use of the building and its facilities is open to church members and regular attendees for family functions, etc. and to ecumenical and non-church related organizations that are compatible with our philosophy and beliefs (not necessarily religious groups) such as Boy or Girl Scouts, 4H, community cultural organizations such as Nordic Dancers, and concerts and recitals open to the community. In order to define the conditions for use of the facility and to avoid conflicts, this policy and set of rules is essential.

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  1. The use of alcoholic beverages and smoking are not permitted anywhere in the church or on its grounds.
  2. The use of church facilities does not automatically mean parties can use the sanctuary, audio-visual, sound, musical, or other equipment. Use of the sanctuary and any sound or musical equipment must be approved by the DCC worship leader.
  3. The church will not be responsible for injuries, loss or theft.

I have read the guidelines above and agree as a leader of this group to abide by them while using the facilities of Decorah Covenant Church.