Our Sacraments & Celebrations

Because the Evangelical Covenant Church and Decorah Covenant Church in particular, has a background that includes several streams of Christian faith traditions, there is often confusion about ceremonies and sacraments. We believe that the following positions reflect a biblical understanding that is also consistent with the mission of Decorah Covenant Church and the Covenant Affirmations, including the principle of freedom in Christ.

While times of celebration and commitment are important, our pietistic and evangelical traditions emphasize that the path of joyful, obedient, biblically literate, grace-based, fruit-bearing walk in the Spirit is the true measure of a transformed life, at every age in life, and at every stage in a spiritual journey. Participation in the life of this local church is assumed to be a part of this journey, but church membership is not a prerequisite for engaging in these sacraments and celebrations.

At DCC, some of these milestones are regularly scheduled and others are celebrated on an as-needed basis.  If you have questions, would like to engage in deeper discussion, or would like to schedule an infant dedication or baptism, we encourage you to contact our Lead Pastor or Director of Youth and Worship.

Additional information may be found at the Covenant’s website.

Sacraments & Celebrations