Nan Akou Pig Redistribution Project


There are three principals of Christian Community Development - Reconciliation, Redistribution & Relocation. In this project Pastor Sheslaire Georges seeks to address redistribution in a project where he can reproduce pigs and give one female pig to each household in his community and the six closest surrounding communities. Because pigs reproduce relatively frequently and can have large litters, it can be a good investment for people. As each family will receive one female pig and will be able to have that pig reproduce, it will grow their livestock investment for the benefit of their family as well as to give back to the pig reproduction center. In March 2021 construction began on the pig enclosures. Scroll down to see the photos!



In the rural communities in Haiti, it is very difficult for people to have a bank account. They prefer to raise livestock and whenever a difficulty comes up, they can sell the animals to get money. Unfortunately, the majority are not even able to have this kind of “livestock bank account”.

This project’s objective is to give people an asset not only because the pork is not cheap here, but also because in one year we can have a minimum of 3 litters with a minimum of 8 piglets each depending on the race or family. This project will be able to touch 6 communities close to Nan Akou (Doko, Orangers, Puits-Laurent, Kamala, Mòn fouyen, Dèyè mòn…) approximately 300 families in a one and a half year period maximum.

Considering we start with 10 females, if in the first litter each one gives birth to 10 piglets and half of them are female, we could be able to provide a pig for 50 families. If when those pigs reproduce and each family gives back 3 females to the center, we could have 200 females for 200 other families. In the third litter we could have 650 more females to continue the distribution - also to sell for income for Nan Akou Ministries (paying teachers, workers, staff, etc.) After weaning, the males in the reproduction center will be sold to cover some financial needs, like paying the workers & buying food for the pigs.



Activities & Phases of the Project

1-Position: The land needed to complete this project is already available and being rented for a period of 8 years and more if necessary.

2- Construction: For 10 females and 3 males, we need a house with a minimum of 15 rooms, 5Ft2 each. It will be built with wood and sheet metal with a cement floor. We will install a plumbing system to carry water, to distribute it to different rooms, and also for the second part, to evacuate the waste.

3- Buy and bring the pigs: The pigs are available and we plan to buy them after construction and bring them to the reproduction center in Nan Akou.

4- Feed them: We expect the project will reach its end in 1 and a half year. The money we are asking for food is for the first 10 months, after that period we hope when we sell the males we will earn enough money to buy food for the rest of the project.

5- Medicine and cleaning: This part of the project is very important to avoid and treat any sickness. At this point we plan to have a mini pharmacy for the center. Whenever the case is serious, we will ask for help by calling a veterinarian. We plan to keep the center clean.

6- Workers: In the center we plan to have 3 workers to feed to pigs, to supervise the center, and clean it. They will be employed for only the first 9 months.

7- Transportation: We will need to have a motorcycle to help to bring more water to the center when what we have conserved is used up. It will be also helpful to go and visit different families in different communities. When the time is up to redistribute the pigs and also to bring the males to the market for sale, it will be indispensable.