Nan Akou Guesthouse Construction Project

Because all of the ministries in Nan Akou are currently relying on outside financial support, having a place to receive visitors coming to learn about these ministries is a critical piece of the ministry. This guesthouse construction began in 2018 and has slowly been progressing as funds trickle in from supporters to complete the construction. There was a lot of thought and prayer put into the design of this building. In addition to the detailed designing and planning, a lot of hard physical labor has gone into the construction. The foundation was dug by hand and the rocks laid one by one. Every cement block was made by hand and stacked one by one. The forms for the cement roof were put in place and the rebar laid with the hands of 15 men over the course of a week. And the concrete roof was poured by hand...bucket by bucket carried to the roof.

It is a spectacular site to see a Haitian community come together to help. They know the benefit that this guesthouse will have for the community. Not only will it serve to receive ministry guests, but it will be the home of Pastor Sheslaire and his family - a place that provides the needed space and refreshment for hard working servants of God to carry out vital ministry. In addition, this house was built with rebar and concrete not just to withstand earthquakes, but also hurricanes. The home can serve as a hurricane shelter for the community as many structures in the community are not safe to be inside during a hurricane, a lesson they all know too well. Take a moment to watch these videos - one a timeline of the construction and the other a tour of the inside of the guesthouse! The last phase for completing the guesthouse now waits for more donations and a budget is being prepared. Before move in day there needs to be indoor plumbing fixtures, iron bar windows, doors, flooring, and the walls smoothed. We hope to take yearly trips to stay in the guesthouse and learn and encourage the ministries in Nan Akou. Consider joining us on a trip! You will be blessed.