Immerse: The Covenant Bible Reading Experience

In lieu of our regular Sunday School and Tribe offerings, we will be gathering as families and small huddles around the Word through the Immerse program, a Bible reading plan that will take us through the entire New Testament.

The Immerse Bible is laid out like a regular book without headings, chapter breaks, etc. for a fresh way to “immerse” yourself in the Word. This fresh arrangement of the books highlights the depth of the New Testament’s fourfold witness to Jesus the Messiah. The Son of God, who fulfills all the longings and promises of the collected Scriptures, can be experienced in Messiah through the rich variety of lenses provided by the books of the new covenant. If you simply want to use this reading plan for your daily Bible reading, we think reading the same Scripture at the same time will strengthen and unite us in a time when our circumstances are conspiring to keep us isolated.  We will also use the Immerse Family Guide which provides shorter Scripture readings and simple questions you can use for a really user-friendly, doable family devotional time. The Immerse Family Guide can be found HERE. For more information on the Immerse program visit

We are also providing each family that has children at home with another great resource called Journey Through the Bible. We are hoping that these resources will equip and encourage you as you read through Scripture together as a family this year in lieu of our regular Sunday School offerings. This easy-to-read, visual exploration of the Bible allows you to follow the action from Genesis to Revelation. The stories of Scripture will come alive as you travel story-by-story through Bible lands and times. You will discover how ancient people really lived—the foods they ate, the homes they lived in, the clothes they wore, the work they performed. Every library, home, church, and school will want this complete reference work on its shelves. Contact the church office to inquire about these resources (563-382-1342).


Week 1 -- October 4-10 (Luke) -- Intro Video (Luke-Acts Part 1) -- Family Guide Days 1-5 (Audio Version)

Week 2 -- October 11-17 (Luke) -- Meet with Huddle -- Family Guide Days 1-5

Week 3 -- October 18-24 (Acts) -- Intro Video (Luke-Acts Part 2) -- Family Guide Days 6-10 (Audio Version)

Week 4 -- October 25-31 (Acts, 1 & 2 Thessalonians) -- Meet with Huddle -- Family Guide Days 6-10

Week 5 -- November 1-7 (1 & 2 Cor) -- Intro Video (Letters of Paul Part 1) -- Family Guide Days 11-15 (Audio Version)

Week 6 -- November 8-14 (2 Corinthians, Galations, Romans) -- Meet with Huddle -- Family Guide Days 11-15

Week 7 -- November 15-21 (Rom, Phil, Col, Eph) -- Intro Video (Letters of Paul 2) -- Family Guide Days 16-20 (Audio Version)

Week 8 - November 22-28 (Eph, Phil, 1 Tim, Titus, 2 Tim) -- Meet with Huddle -- Family Guide Days 16-20

Week 9 -- November 29- December 5 (Mark) -- Intro Video (Mark, 1 & 2 Peter, Jude) -- Family Guide Days 21-25 (Audio Version)

Week 10 -- December 6-12 (Mark, 1 & 2 Peter, Jude) -- Meet with Huddle -- Family Guide 21-25


Week 11 -- January 10-16 (Matthew) -- Intro Video (Matthew) -- Family Guide Days 26-30 (Audio Version)

Week 12 -- January 17-23 (Matthew) -- Meet with Huddle -- Family Guide Days 26-30

Week 13 -- January 24-30 (Hebrews, James) -- Intro Video (John) -- Family Guide Days 31-35 (Audio Version)

Week 14 -- January 31 - February 6 (John) -- Meet with Huddle -- Family Guide Days 31-35

Week 15 -- February 7-13 (John, 1,2 & 3 John, Rev) -- Intro Video (Revelation) -- Family Guide Days 36-40 (Audio Version)

Week 16 -- February 14-20 (Revelation) -- Meet with Huddle -- Family Guide Days 36-40